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THE GREATEST WAY TO MAKE A JEWISH DIFFERENCE is your response in a world desperate for healing

If you feel something,
do something
Choose a Mitzvah below to honor a loved one, support people in crisis or simply steady yourself in a world spinning fast
What makes a Mitzvah
super powerful?
Every good deed benefits the world. But fulfilling one of G-d’s specific commandments connects you directly to the Commander, the Source of peace, purpose and healing.
Your action has a
high impact.
With your single Mitzvah, you can…

Help people in crisis.

Jewish teachings tell us that the physical world mirrors a spiritual one—to the extent that wrapping Tefillin on your arm can give spiritual strength to armies a world away!

Celebrate a milestone.

When you’re thankful for reaching a special occasion, your friends and family will be happy to light a spiritual candle in celebration with you.

Honor a loved one who passed.

When a soul departs, it remains pure and holy. But it can no longer rise higher on the power of a physical Mitzvah. Your Mitzvah in a loved one’s merit is the fuel that lifts their soul.

Reclaim your sense of control.

Nothing saves us from feeling helpless like being useful. Doing one small Mitzvah is your answer to the quiet question: “What does G-d want from me now?”

One Mitzvah.png makes it simple for anyone in the world to start a chain reaction of good.

A project of the Jewish people, made possible by
the Moshiach Office at Merkos 302

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